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Organizational Education

Support, empower & educate your employees by enhancing harmony & company culture with Attento Learning Collaborative educational presentations.

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We are still surviving a pandemic, and a trauma. Even though we have all gone through this challenging time together, we may be experiencing this differently. For some this has been a time of growth and reflection, and for others it has caused depressive symptoms and loss. Covid-19 has challenged us all in many ways and caused us to stretch ourselves.
What do I do now? Am I experiencing burnout? Who do I go to for help? Can I learn some new skills to get through this? How is my work impacted? Am I interacting with my supervisor and co-workers differently?
The Attento Learning Collaborative is here to help answer these questions and teach some new skills.

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How are you today? How are you holding up? Do you need anything?
These are some of the questions that are remembered when grief is happening not only for an individual, but within an organization. Loss happens. This can create fear and sadness. These are normal, human responses. Our goal is to address the grief happening within your organization, explain grief, self care and self soothing, and coping skills. Always keeping in mind that grief has no timeline.

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We want to come in and discuss more education and reasoning of the Gender and Sexual Minority community. The Gender and Sexual Minority community, or the LGBTQ+ community has been mistreated and misunderstood for centuries. To have a discussion on this topic would be helpful for any group to have more clarity and care when thinking about this group. LGBTQ+ individuals are a wide range of genders, sexualities, and sexual orientations. From male and female to genderqueer, and then other identities like bisexual, heterosexual, and non-binary. Our hope is for people to leave with new knowledge, and understanding. Also, for those that may already be a part of this community to feel more welcomed and comfortable to be themselves in the work setting. Work should feel like a place to be safe and yourself without punishment or persecution. Our hope is to give what is needed in a productive manner and fulfill the requirements your organization needs, while staying true and ethical to my therapeutic boundaries.

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Bianca Poindexter-Bryan, Licensed Professional Counselor

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